TAUS Massively Multilingual AI Conference Albuquerque

AI allows us to create virtual companions that can speak our language, any language, as well as humans. This is a technology breakthrough that shakes up the world. It can make businesses and governments a hundred times more efficient and it creates thousands of opportunities for innovation. If only we start thinking and operating truly and massively multilingual.

02 - 04 October 2024

Albuquerque, NM (USA)

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Bringing the language world and AI together

Despite its revolutionary spirit, the AI industry keeps operating under the  paradigm of English rules the world. More than 90% of the data that is used to train the Large Language Models is English language data. Translation by nature has always been one directional, mostly from English into other languages. AI technology now allows us to become simultaneously and massively multilingual. To deliver on that promise, we need to bring the language and AI industries together. The global language industry is sitting on a wealth of data and knowledge that is crucial to solving core AI problems and delivering solutions in a wider economic context of world and future readiness.


Who is coming

TAUS brings together individuals from the top echelon of the AI and global content and language industries, including executives who make transformative decisions and manage globalization teams. The conference offers excellent opportunities to build new connections and influence decisions concerning the AI and localization industry ecosystem. The TAUS Massively Multilingual AI Conference & Expo is expecting an exclusive audience of around 150 to 200 people, representing the following constituencies:

Pie Chart

Buyers and owners of global content (40%)

Executives from AI labs and start-up platforms (15%)

Global content and language service providers (15%)

Technology and solution providers (15%)

Translators and linguists (5%)

Government bodies and NGOs (5%)

Consultants, academia, analysts, press (5%)

What can you expect

Attendees of this conference and expo can expect ample discourse on the arrival of the long-expected AI revolution. Leaders from AI Labs will debate their visions of the future and the technology revolution behind it. Globalization directors and technology executives from the enterprise world will share their views on opportunities and challenges. The heads of the language service and technology companies will bring their perspectives.

Familiar TAUS format

The event will have the intimate setting that TAUS is known for with a cabaret-style format and a single conference track. The program will alternate between thought-leading keynotes, shorter presentations and discussions, innovators pitches and ample time for Q&A and discussions.
At the end of the two days conference attendees will have made acquaintances with everyone in attendance during the interactive sessions, the welcome reception and the networking dinner.


AI labs and researchers are invited to showcase and discuss their latest breakthroughs, products, applications and innovations in the TAUS AI Expo. But also MT developers or localization technology providers who are embarking on exciting new AI adventures are invited to present their work. The exhibition area is open during all the breaks of the conference.

Call for proposals

Consumers and creators of language models are invited to submit proposals for short presentations and panel discussions in the following categories: use cases, best practices, research and collaborative actions.

Deadline for the call for proposals is 30 June, 2024

Multilingual customer support

Multilingual content creation and management

Quality evaluation and estimation

Multilingual SEO support

Localization assistants and machine translation

Summarization and web search

Cross-lingual information retrieval

Interactive language learning

Virtual assistants and chatbots

Who is attending?

The TAUS AI Conference will be attended by:

AI labs and integrators

AI and technology executives from global enterprises

Localization and globalization managers

AI platforms and start-ups

Language technology companies

Innovative localization and language service providers



Register for the TAUS Massively Multilingual AI Conference in Albuquerque, NM on 2 - 4 October.

TAUS Massively Multilingual AI Conference

(early bird fee)

3 - 4 October [Full Days]

09:00 - 17:00

Includes opening reception on 2 October, networking dinner on 3 October and lunch on both conference days

Early bird fee available until 31 July 2024

€ 1,500


The TAUS Massively Multilingual AI Conference & Expo will be hosted at the Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town. Information to book your hotel room will be made available here shortly

Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Right after the TAUS Conference, the International Balloon Fiesta is kicking off in Albuquerque on 5 October. Extend your stay in New Mexico to join this exciting event.

Call for interest

Capacity at the TAUS Massively Multilingual AI Conference & Expo will be limited due to the intimate format of the events. If you want to pre-book your seat (without commitment), please fill out this form.