TAUS Massively Multilingual AI Conference Albuquerque

AI allows us to create virtual companions that can speak our language, any language, as well as humans. This is a technology breakthrough that shakes up the world. It can make businesses and governments a hundred times more efficient and it creates thousands of opportunities for innovation. If only we start thinking and operating truly and massively multilingual.

02 - 04 October 2024

Albuquerque, NM (USA)





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Note: this is not the final program. Speakers and topics may change. Updates will be published on this web page.

1. No English Please - How to move towards truly multilingual AI

It started with a dream (Keynote)

Kalika Bali started her career with Lernout & Hauspie, the Belgian speech technology company that kicked off the first wave of consolidation in the localization industry in the 1990s. Who remembers these days? Lernout & Hauspie dazzled the world with magic speech devices. Too much too early perhaps, but Kalika carried the dream forward in her research work with Microsoft. In this opening address she will take us through the journey, her journey, from the discovery work in Flanders Language Valley to the launch of the multilingual speech technologies that the pioneers in Flanders Language Valley dreamed of.

The AI Labs Leaders Perspective

Execs from AI Labs discuss the challenges and opportunities of massively multilingual models and applications.

Focus of the discussions:

  • Removing English bias

  • Access to high-quality, non-public, relevant multilingual data

  • Business applications, specifically for localization, customer support, multilingual content creation

  • Convergence between AI and the language industry

Speakers from among others Amazon, Cohere, Toloka.

Moderator: Julie Belião (Mozilla AI)

2. The Immersion of MT into AI

The MT guru perspective

Leaders from the world of MT are the earliest developers of AI. In this session they discuss the transformation in their programs as a result of the remarkable success of Large Language Models.

Focus of the discussions:

  • The shifts in the world of MT

  • Quality and customization

  • The perils of ‘human parity’

  • MT and the changing translation technology stack

Speakers from among others Microsoft, Lilt, DeepL, Google.

Moderator: John Tinsley (Translated)

3. GenAI Visions: looking one or two years ahead

The AI ‘guru’ perspective

AI gurus from big and small tech companies debate the future of GenAI and the size of their models.

Focus of the discussions:

  • Large versus small language models

  • Data needs

  • Social impacts

  • Use cases

  • Industry trends and predictions

Speakers: Jonathan Cohen (Nvidia), Hadar Shemtov (Google), Philipp Koehn (Johns Hopkins University).

Moderator: Zachary Haynes (TAUS)

4. Showcasing a revolution in multilingual content

The invader-innovator perspective

The convergence of Language Technology and AI leads to a myriad of new product features and services that revolutionize our daily work.

Focus of the discussions:

  • Multilingual content creation vs. localization

  • NLP features

  • Showcases

  • Business benefits

Speakers to be confirmed

5. Industry in Transformation

The language service and technology perspective

This is one of those moments in history when a whole ecosystem quickly becomes outdated and needs to adapt and change radically in order to survive. Language was until recently the exclusive domain of human intelligence. Now, with the emergence of AI and the superpower of LLMs, the professional practice of translators and writers is constantly challenged by machine intelligence. In this session we talk with company owners and executives from the multibillion dollar language industry about how they steer their companies through this industry revolution.

Focus of the discussions:

  • Business challenges of scaling down on human resources

  • Investments in AI and setting priorities

  • Finding the sweet spot to attract and keep customers

  • The balance of being defensive or proactive

5.1 The super-agency perspective

Speakers from among others LanguageLine Solutions, Acolad, RWS.

Moderator: Jaap van der Meer (TAUS)

5.2 The language company perspective

Speakers: to be confirmed.

Moderator: Jose Palomares (Coupa)

6. Questioning Quality and Evaluating LLMs

The quality ‘gate-keeper’ perspective

How do we trust and manage the quality of content in a hyper-automated world?

Focus of the discussions:

  • Automatic Post-editing

  • Quality Estimation

  • Human in the loop

  • Evaluating LLMs

Speakers: Konstantin Savenkov (Intento), Adam Bittlingmayer (Modelfront), Alex Yanishevsky (Smartling), Ilan Kernerman (Lexicala).

Moderator: Christian Federmann

7. AI in the Age of Humans

Blue-sky thinking session, beyond the hype and fear

Turning the tables and looking at it from the AI perspective.

Focus of the discussions:

  • Scenario-based planning

  • Scaling localization to unprecedented levels

  • Automating decision making

  • ‘No language left behind’

Speakers from among others: Unbabel, Sorensen, Straker, Amazon.

Moderator: Marina Pantcheva (RWS)

8. The Massively Multilingual Enterprise

The corporate ‘globalization’ perspective

Globalization leaders and CTOs have no other choice than embracing AI. How do they go about it and what is it going to bring them in return? Should translation buyers own their workflows and get their AI independent of the TMS and LSP?

Focus of the discussions:

  • The AI enterprise journey

  • New applications, roadmap, successes and failures

  • Changing landscape

  • ROI and business dynamics

Speakers: Georg Kirchner (Dell), Marina Malkevich (Yahoo!), Justyna Jeleniewska (Amazon), Salvatore Giammarresi (airbnb), Adam Youngfield (LDS Church).

Moderator: Teresa Marshall (Salesforce)

9. TAUS Massively Multilingual Contest

Fast-pace innovators competition: LSPs and start-ups

Around 12 LSPs and start-ups will be selected to pitch their AI solution in six minutes. The audience will choose the winner of the TAUS Massively Multilingual Contest.

Host: Anne-Maj van der Meer (TAUS)