Check out the draft program for the Massively Multilingual Conference & Expo for 11-13 October 2022. Note that this program is subject to change.
Tuesday 11 October

18:00 / Opening Reception in the Gateway Ballroom at Doubletree by Hilton San Jose. Sponsored by SYSTRAN. Open to all attendees.

Wednesday 12 October
8:00 / Registration open, Coffee and tea (expo is open)

9:00 / Welcome & Program Overview, by Jaap van der Meer

Keynote Session

9:10 / Introduction to the session and presenting the speakers, by Jaap van der Meer

9:20 / Massively Multilingual Models and the state of Machine Translation in 2022

What everybody should know about encoders, decoders, transformer models and other key concepts in the world of MT before the discussion starts. A mini-lecture by John DeNero.

9:40 / Everything All At Once: Machine Translation at the Convergence, by Hany Hassan Awadalla (Microsoft)

10:10 / Massively Multilingual panel with Hany Hassan Awadalla (Microsoft), Paco Guzmán (Meta), Macduff Hughes (Google), moderated by John DeNero and Jaap van der Meer

11:00 /  Refreshment break (expo is open)

11:30 / Warm-up activity with András Aponyi

11:35 / World-Readiness Contest, part 1

11:38 / MT for Massively Multilingual Companies, Konstantin Savenkov (Intento)

11:44 / Quality prediction for hybrid translation, Adam Bittlingmayer (ModelFront)

11:50 / Unto all the World, Zak Nyberg and Ana De Agostini (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)

12:00 / DeMT™ Evaluate, Anderson Vaz (TAUS) and Achim Ruopp (Polyglot Technology)

12:30 / Lunch (expo is open)

14:00 / Warm-up activity with András Aponyi

14:05 /On Evaluating MT, human parity and the limits of MT with Markus Freitag (Google), Gretchen Markiewicz (Raytheon BBN), Philipp Koehn (Meta AI), moderated by Olga Beregovaya (Smartling)

The Business Perspective, Part I

15:00 / Enterprise machine translation – a closer look from AWS perspective, Watson Srivathsan (Amazon AI)

15:10 / Improving meeting productivity and efficiency with multi-language translation, with Sebastian Stüker (Zoom)

15:20 / Automating cross-lingual communications at Avery Dennison, with Murali Nathan (Avery Dennison)

15:30 / Panel conversation with Sebastian Stüker, Watson Srivathsan and Murali Nathan. Moderated by Anne-Maj van der Meer and Antoine Moreau

16:00 / Adjourn

16:15 / Shuttle leaves for Regale Winery & Vineyard

17:00 / Dinner at Regale Winery & Vineyard. Sponsored by Smartling. (Valid dinner ticket is needed to attend)
Thursday 13 October
8:00 / Registration open, Coffee and tea (expo is open)

9:00 / Welcome & Program Overview, by Jaap van der Meer

The Business Perspective Part II

9:15 / AI-Enabled Translation, Renato Beninatto (Nimdzi)

9:30 / AI-enabled Translation Workflows, with Wayne Bourland (Dell), Zhenhui Chao (VMware), Loic Dufresne de Virel (Intel). Moderated by Renato Beninatto (Nimdzi Insights) and Anne-Maj van der Meer (TAUS)

10:30 / Refreshment break (expo is open)

11:00 / Warm-up activity with András Aponyi

11:05 / World readiness contest part 2

11:06 / Mind the Gap: Detecting and Monitoring Quality Gaps in Machine Translation Services, Achim Ruopp (Polyglot Technology)

11:12 / Quantifying Quality – Translation Memories, Mei Zheng (Smartling)

11:18 / SYSTRAN Meeting Translator - Real-time STT with HILT review, JP Barraza (Systran)

Beyond the Traditional Languages

11:30 / No Language Left Behind: Scaling Human-Centered Machine Translation, Vedanuj Goswami (Meta)

11:40 / Human Language Project, Simona Beccaletto (TAUS)

11:50 / Building Out Living Lexicons, Casper Grathwohl (Oxford Languages)

12:00 / Panel conversation on language expansion, with Vedanuj Goswami (Meta), Simona Beccaletto (TAUS) and Casper Grathwohl (Oxford Languages), moderated by Gráinne Maycock and Sölen Aslan

12:45 / Lunch (expo is open)

14:00 / Warm-up activity with András Aponyi

14:05 / World-Readiness Contest part 3

14:06 / A practical way to expand software locales, Todd Flaska (Lingoport)

14:12 / Expert multi-layer, cross-lingual data for massive, refined machine translation, Karni Berlad Cohen (Lexicala)

14:30 / NLP Panel with András Aponyí (TAUS), Adam Bittlingmayer (ModelFront), Sunil Mallya (Flip AI), moderated by JP Barraza.

15:30 / Refreshment Break (expo is open)

16:00 / Warm-up activity with András Aponyi

16:05 / Any Questions?, moderated by Paul Mangell (Alpha)

This is an opportunity to explore a range of topics around the localization industry, in an informal and personalized format which allows any attendee to ask questions, and the panel of experts to respond with their own take on the subject. So whether it’s around AI, or NMT, or process and workflow management, or resourcing and global supply chains, this session explores the matter with unscripted, personal responses.

16:50 / Wrap-up & Announcement of World-Readiness Winner