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Intento allows global enterprises to translate 20x more on the same budget. It helps evaluate, select, customize, and connect best-fit AI with existing software and vendors. With Intento, businesses can also monitor translation performance to continuously improve their entire machine translation program.

Pangeanic combines AI and human ingenuity to create Natural Language Processing solutions. Our star solutions are based on content anonymization in 28 languages, human-in-the-loop machine translation for enterprise and government and Deep Adaptive Machine Translation

Plunet is the translation project and business management (TBMS) platform that provides software, process consulting and support to help language service providers (LSPs) professionalize and scale their business. Our software is integrated with all major CAT tool on the market and offers the highest level of flexibility and automation to meet our clients’ requirements at any size, scope and stage of growth.

Smartling is an enterprise translation solution that enables customers to localize content across devices and platforms. It’s the fastest, most cost-effective, and simplest way to speak to your target markets in their native languages. Our AI-augmented professional translation services fully integrate with a best-in-class technology platform. Smartling is the solution of choice for hundreds of B2B and B2C brands, including IHG, Tesla, Shopify, AstraZeneca, SurveyMonkey, Pinterest, and Lyft.

A pioneer in translation services and technology, SYSTRAN boasts 51 years of industry expertise, working closely with world-renowned Language Service Providers, defense and security organizations and global leading companies to develop some of the most high-performance translation services on the market. Helping organizations enhance multilingual communication and increase productivity.

XL8 is a company founded by ex-Googles and ex-Apples in Silicon Valley that offers AI-powered machine translation technology built with diverse global media content and their corresponding translated subtitles. Based on its translation technology, specialized in translating colloquial statements, XL8 has been leading in the field of machine translation for media localization.

Speechmorphing, Inc. is a developer of speech synthesis and translation solutions headquartered in San Jose, California. Its mission in the text-to-speech area: “The voice of your choice, quickly and affordably – and it can act! (Even multilingually.)” With unique tools for ultra-natural prosody tuning and cross-language voice transport, the company serves video and audio production and translation; digital assistants; multi-modal display for commercial and museum use; and speech prosthetics for healthcare. Moreover it creates a range of in-person and online speech translation products, including facilities for multilingual online meetings.

Lexicala develops unique and innovative cross-lingual, multi-layer lexical data resources for Language Service Providers, relying on three decades of rich lexicographic experience and international collaboration. We converge human created and curated content with automated processes to offer expert bilingual and multilingual parallel corpora, domain classification, morphology, text annotation, and other fine translation and NLP services.

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