Profile your translated content. Select best-fit evaluation models. Consult the knowledge base.

What is the aim of DQF Content Profiling?

The DQF Content Profiling feature is used to help select the most appropriate quality evaluation model for specific requirements. This leads to the Knowledge base where you find best practices, metrics, step-by-step guides, reference templates, and use cases.

Your underlying process, technology and resources will guide the choice of the quality evaluation model.


  • TAUS DQF Content Profling Demonstration

What are your plans for improving the Content Profiling feature and Knowledge base in 2015?

We are currently testing Content Profiling v2. In this new version Legal and Knowledge base have been included as content categories and new selection criteria have been added. Recommendations are more focused with a most recommended model and alternate options providing higher and lower levels of control. 

Our approach is co-creation with users. Specific content profiles have been mapped to the most appropriate models. Users are reviewing and giving feedback to ensure the recommendations are robust and usable. If you would like to take part in the trial, please write to us at dqf(at)

The Knowledge base is updated on an ongoing basis.