DeMT™ Estimate API -
MT Quality Estimation made


Use best-fit MT & reduce the need for human review, enabling rapid assessment and deployment of accurate machine translation models. DeMT™ Estimate API seamlessly connects to your content workflows and provides real-time quality scores customized with your data so the results match your organization for accuracy, tone, and authenticity.

Plug in the DeMT Estimate API in your MT workflow for a real-time, segment level quality score.

Make informed business decisions

Does a particular MT engine produce better output than another? Is a certain language pair consistently better translated through this or that engine? Now you’ll gather data over time and know the answer.

Set up condition-based workflows

Real-time quality prediction puts you in the driver’s seat: you can set a threshold above which segments are good to go, to reduce time and money spent on post-editing.

Benchmark MT engine performance and know when to post-edit

Find out if an MT engine consistently outperforms others for a particular content type or language pair, and route that content to the right engine.


Choose the right MT engine for your specific needs

High Accuracy

Scores are generated from state-of-the-art models like sentence embeddings and the COMET framework.


Models can be trained on your data to adapt to your own standards.

Fast & Scalable

Scores are returned in real-time. Handles any volume effectively.

Cost Effective

Plans start as low as 20 M. characters per year, with room to grow.

Start with a simple API call and relax while we handle the rest.

Leverage our simple REST API to submit requests and receive scores seamlessly with on-call technical assistance from our experts.

Choose what score works best for you to compare MT engines.

  • TAUS QE Score

    Proprietary AI system that evaluates how close in meaning two sentences are, and returns a score between 0-1. The higher, the better.

  • COMET Score

  • Custom Score

Learn how MT Quality Estimation can take your business to the next level.


We’ll help you evaluate & select the best MT engine.


We’ll guide you through which score to use.


We’ll help you save in MT post-editing costs up to 80%.


We’ll provide the best training data to customize and optimize your MT engines.