DeMT™ Translate
Delivering affordable, customizable, high-quality MT output
Today users expect all content to be available in their language. However, billions of words still stay untranslated because the technology is not there to provide good enough translations. TAUS DeMT™ Translate opens up new opportunities and use cases and helps translate the billions of words that currently still stay untranslated, empowering every business, small and large, to deliver near-human quality translations, without having to invest heavily in data and infrastructure.
Key Benefits
Boost your MT Quality

Are generic MT engines not living up to the quality you seek for your use cases? With TAUS DeMT™ Translate you can make use of carefully curated high-quality and in-domain datasets that are fed into baseline MT engines and in turn, deliver near-human quality output. The available datasets for DeMT™ Translate show an average improvement of 15% in BLEU scores.

Save Costs and Time

Do you need your translations quick, but afraid you’ll have to sacrifice quality? With DeMT™ Translate you can expect a 50-80% cost reduction compared to the human-in-the-loop service. In addition, with fully automated, single-click custom training, you reduce overhead and save a great deal of time while getting domain-relevant translations.

Scale Language and Domain Coverage

Do you have to translate for many products and customers, and need a smart way to cater to various content needs? DeMT™ Translate allows you to increase your language coverage in real-time and serve all your customers by easily adding new language pairs, including long-tail ones.

Independent Quality Evaluation

Human evaluation is time-intensive and hard to scale across language pairs and domains. To measure the quality of TAUS DeMT™ output, TAUS partners with Polyglot Technology for an independent automatic quality evaluation. Based on BLEU scores, TAUS DeMT™ datasets show an average improvement of 15.3%. Other metrics are available as well.

How it works


Select a training dataset

Select an available dataset that fits the language pair and domain of your translation. This will be used in the enhancement and customization of your MT output.


Upload your file

Upload the file that you would like to be machine translated.


View quality score

Review the details and find out the estimated BLEU score increase for your Data-enhanced MT output.


Pay & Download

Complete payment and receive your translated output in your inbox.