DeMT™ Enterprise
Overcoming the challenges of not-good-enough generic MT engines and content that would otherwise stay untranslated
Unlock the full potential of MT with customized training
Achieve lights-out real-time translation operations
Deliver greater value to your customers
15% quality boost

Tried generic MT engines, but are not happy with translation output quality? That’s where customization comes in. TAUS DeMT™ takes it to the next level to deliver high-quality MT output, using training datasets tailored to your content. BLEU score quality boost of 15% included.

Millions of words at once

Have large volumes of content but no time or resources to go the human translation route? With our single-click customization you make a leap towards translating millions of words in one go, with no human input while achieving post-edited level quality.

Scaling language coverage

Have to translate for many products and customers and need a smart way to cater to various content needs? DeMT™ allows you to increase your language coverage in real-time and serve all your customers by easily adding hundreds of language pairs including long-tail ones.

Turn-key Solution
The secret sauce of DeMT™ is the training data we use to enhance generic MT engines. As data and MT needs differ per use case, we’ve built an iterative pipeline to help you in every step of the way towards achieving your desired results.

To deliver the best possible solution, we first assess your MT use case and perform data inventorization to identify possible gaps. Depending on your requirements, we perform:

1.Domain definition

The first step is identifying the domain for which training and customization are required by analyzing the representative sample that you provide.

2.Data collection

We leverage various available sources of human-generated data to gather large quantities of multilingual data for NLP and conversational AI models.

3.Data creation

For specific content and domain needs where necessary data doesn’t exist yet, we create it from TAUS-owned data and licensed content from publishers.

4.Data curation / transformation

In cases where you want to use your own data to train the engines but the data is not in the right format, we transform it as needed to make it MT-ready.

5.Engine selection

To help you select the best performing engines for your content and language pairs, we run evaluations with tailored test sets and generate performance reports.

Affordable, fast and high-quality
Customization with an impact
PEMT level quality
When you take the best MT engine for a language pair and enhance it with data, the quality you get is close to that of the post-edited machine translation.
50-80% cost savings
Customization further increases the savings from MT. With DeMT™ you can expect a 50-80% cost reduction compared to the human-in-the-loop service.
Real-time delivery
With fully automated, single-click custom training, you reduce overhead and save a great deal of time while getting domain-relevant translations.
Try single-click customization
+ BLEU5.81
Financial Services
+ BLEU6.32
Financial Services
+ BLEU6.46
Financial Services
+ BLEU3.89
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