NLP Consultancy

Embrace the future with TAUS, where cutting-edge NLP solutions pave the way for a seamless, multilingual communication experience.

Driving Innovation with NLP

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the cornerstones of innovation in every business, especially with the emergence of GenAI and LLMs. NLP empowers machines to understand and generate human-like language, giving us the opportunity to revolutionize translation localization pipelines.

Data optimization, machine translation and quality estimation are only the beginning. The pace of innovation accelerates and, with that, the solutions where NLP can play a pivotal role in redefining the landscape of global communications and content creation are countless.

Benchmarking of NLP Solutions

Evaluate NLP models and applications, covering domains such as machine translation, text analysis, text generation, and more. This allows organizations to compare and choose the most suitable NLP solutions to enhance their global content processes.

Empowering Innovation with LLMs

Leverage the power of LLMs for advanced NLP services, empowering applications with human-like text generation and versatility in content creation, translation, automated PE, MTQE, sentiment analysis and beyond; expanding possibilities in automation and communications.

Smart Translation Routing

Implement intelligent, rule-based systems that automatically route content to the most suitable translation workflows, optimizing efficiency, accuracy, and speed in the translation process. Streamline your global content production with precision and agility.


NLP Retainer

TAUS offers an NLP retainer as part of a subscription to the Estimate API. Together with customers of the Estimate API, our NLP consultants scope and develop new AI-driven features and integrate them in the Estimate API offering where possible.

Examples of such features are source content QE and auto-correction, MQM/DQF error categorization, smart translation routing, automated post-editing, sentiment analysis, profanity filters.

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