Speech Data
So many voices, not enough diversity?
We provide utmost diversity in widely spoken & digitally underrepresented languages.

Every speech data project is unique. If you are working on conversational AI applications you will need to cover a wide variety of voices and dialects for every language that you support. In addition, you need to be sure to cover the vocabulary and style that fit your application and target audience. And eliminate bias all at the same time.

Bias-proof community onboarding
TAUS can help recruit communities of speakers with various intersections of demographic parameters based on age, gender, ethnicity and regional dialects. We have proven processes to validate speakers, their demographic parameters and corresponding accents.
Speech recording
Speech recording can be based on specific scripts or on instructions with attention for sentiments and tone. If a client doesn’t have enough textual data, TAUS can create in-domain scripts that speakers can read and record. Alternatively, speakers may be asked to describe a situation or an object.
TAUS also provides transcription of speech data, assisted with ASR tools and complemented with QA validation to ensure high-quality data.