Data Services
Enhancing data for better AI through human intelligence
Your data needs and requirements are special and different from others. TAUS considers every customer unique and configures data solutions workflows according to each customer’s requirements.
Human-powered, intelligent solutions
Access a global workforce and an elite team of AI experts.

Our own Human Language Project platform, designed for micro-tasks management

The strengths of the TAUS NLP experts focused on optimizing the automation of linguistic features

The Human Language Project operations team recruiting and training language workers around the world and managing your projects

End-to-end capabilities
We support all translation and conversational AI applications.
Translation Data

Create translation datasets and instructions-based writing in any language

Speech Data

Recording scripts and conversations in a wide variety of voices and dialects spoken in different locales

Data Cleaning

Achieve the best results with high-quality and clean data through our innovative automated cleaning processes

Data Annotation

Enhance your models with high-quality annotations by our worldwide community of language professionals

Evaluation & Editing

Structured review and evaluation and requirement-based editing of translation data


We can design custom solutions for all your data needs.

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