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in Events
A short impression of the 7th TAUS QE Summit held October, 2015 at eBay (San Jose, California). We live in a connected world. Data, profiles and preferences are shared to shape new goods  and services. Social media, histories, cookies, playlists and GPS location information dominate the cyber landscape. And data is king. It gives you all the answers. The challenge for business today is to ask the right questions. Business Intelligence is starting to catch on in the translation industry, and with good reason — transforming data into actionable information yields business benefits and helps stakeholders make informed decisions. How can...
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On the 12th and 13th October we held our TAUS Annual Conference in San Jose, California. A record number of people attended - 135 - and we introduced a (perhaps) new tradition of TAUS Haus musicians. The theme of this year’s conference was innovation. In order to progress our industry we need innovators. Not just from inside our industry (we call them insiders), but also from outside of the translation industry (the invaders). So on the program this year was a true Innovation Contest. We invited all innovators to submit a proposal for this contest and out of the submissions we picked...
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Once upon a time in Land of Translations... ... we wanted to know how many words we could produce per month, per day, per hour. How much time we needed to craft human quality translation, post-editing machine translated segments. And we wanted to track the edit distance. Why on Earth?! To find ways to profile translators and post-editors, to set prices, to compare vendors, to categorize content, evaluate MT engine performance... the list is endless but are we doing it right? Productivity tells you how fast a translation was completed. Due to the many variables, however, it will never be a...
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in Innovation
"Last year, at Localization World Dublin, many insisted that the buzzword for the next future in the industry would be ‘change.’At the ATC Conference 2015 in Manchester, almost all speakers talked about change.  Most of them, though, seemed to confuse change with innovation. In fact, while ‘to change’ means to make/become different, to replace with another, ‘to innovate’ means to do something in a new way. So, there could be innovation without any substantial change, just like one could change also deeply without innovating." - TAUS representative Luigi Muzii about the ATC Conference 2015. Visit his blog to read the full article....
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At the beginning of September, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Deep Machine Translation Workshop in Prague organized by an FP7 QT Leap project. It was good to discover what it is happening in academia, what the current priorities in machine translation (MT) research are and catch up on the latest trends in the field.   The legendary Jan Hajic opened the workshop with a presentation in which he described the TectoMT – a hybrid system based on deep linguistic knowledge transfer. The system is currently available for English to Czech translation only, but modules for other...
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