Ready to Unleash Data Sharing

TAUS Industry Leaders Forum, Dublin 2 June, 2014

Unleash Data SharingAttendees at the Industry Leaders Forum held recently in Dublin raised several issues in a session that helped fine-tune this topic, led by Tim Young (Cisco) with Pawel Walentynowicz (Lingosec), Spyridon Pilos (European Commission) and Valarie Gilbert (EMC). 

First, the question of safe sharing. Data safety and protection is a constant issue of course both in the wider world and in data sharing within the industry. One way to make data safer is to use anonymization and psuedonymization tools on corporate data to try and ensure their usability as “language data” only. However, measures for protecting data such as encryption will never ultimately survive the hackers.

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Fortune-Telling in the Translation Industry

Dublin skylineIn the foreseeable future, will the language industry have to deal with a world where large swathes of our communication will be in English? Or will global conversations be massively localised following a quantum leap in translation automation technology? Will English be the inevitable lingua franca of the global community for the decades ahead, or will machine translation output deliver a new-millennium lingua franca all of its own?

At the TAUS Industry Leader’s Forum held recently in Dublin, two well-known writers on language – Lane Greene and Nicolas Ostler – were invited to debate this issue in an upbeat but passionate face-off as the frontispiece to more immediate translation industry concerns.

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Hot News from Russia

Hot News from RussiaIt was the hottest May 22 since 1897 in Moscow when TAUS came to town to hold its first Roundtable meeting in Russia. More than forty people from all over Russia (and Finland and Latvia) came to the Sheraton Palace hotel for this one day meeting. Participants came from the IT industry, global accountancy and legal firms and of course the largest providers of language services and technologies from Russia were all represented. What they came for was to connect with like-minded people looking for efficient solutions to the increasing pressures to translate more content, faster and often cheaper. They were not disappointed. On the agenda was a presentation of the new cloud-based CAT environment from translation professionals from ABBYY Language Services and a presentation from Google about their emphasis on ‘readability’ as the best measure translation quality. Tilde (from Latvia) presented their MT solutions for government organizations and Logrus took us on a journey into a deeper analysis of data around the use of TM tools. ProMT highlighted the benefits of corporate MT solutions for information consumption and Asia Online showcased its Language Studio as a solution for language service providers. The discussions and many questions were a testimony of the relevance and value of all the presentations.

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TAUS Tokyo Executive Forum 2014 - A Sway of Innovation

Tokyo 2014 - GroupThe fourth TAUS Executive Forum was held on April 10 and 11, again hosted by Oracle Japan. We are delighted to share here a snapshot of the sway of innovation entering the global translation from Japan. It takes just a day of wandering in Tokyo as a non-Japanese speaker to understand why translation innovation starts at this side of the world, and much less so in the western part of the world. Both visitor and host are totally helpless and hopeless when trying to talk to each other. That is much less the case in Europe and North America where English often becomes the ‘langue véhicule’ for tourists and business men.

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MT’s 60th Anniversary - Who is Coming to the Party?

MT's 60th AnniversaryOn January 7 1954, the IBM 701 – also known as the electronic brain – at IBM’s world headquarters on 57th street and Madison Avenue in New York translated a Russian text of more than sixty sentences into English. It was the first public demonstration of machine translation and the first time IBM applied its super computer to a non-numerical task.

The instrument was interrupted in its 16-hour-a-day schedule of solving mathematical problems, such as nuclear physics, rocket trajectories and weather forecasting to now understanding a different type of logic: the study of human behavior and more specifically the human use of language.

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The Automatic Translation of Institutional and Legal Texts – Still Utopia?

Results of a targeted test informally submitted to internal translators of a major International Organization (hereinafter 'IO').

The official availability of a Machine translation (MT) system within some major international organizations raises the question of the real usability of these systems for the translation of institutional and legal texts. The strength of MT has traditionally been the ability to process repetitive texts successfully, as in the case of localization of software documentation.

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It’s Time for a Big Idea: the Human Language Project

big ideaIt’s time for a big idea. It’s time for the Human Language Project. A hundred million Euro investment over the next five years in the Human Language Project will boost the language services sector to a hundred billion Euro plus industry, create the conditions for a truly open market in the European Union and spur growth in international trade and ecommerce.

Machine Translation (MT) has come a long way helping people with their day-to-day simple communications across language barriers. The Human Language Project will establish MT as the new lingua franca realizing effective and adequate communication across the eighty languages spoken in Europe in first instance and across a thousand or more languages spoken in the world in the next phase.

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TAUS Industry Leaders Forum: 
Changing Roles and Business Models

taus industry leaders forumSummary

At the recent TAUS Industry Leaders Forum in Dublin, Ireland, language service providers met with their customers (representatives of companies that purchase translation products and services) to discuss the impact of machine translation on the future of their businesses. Machine translation, they believe, is part of the ‘era of convergence’ -- a time when big data, the cloud, the crowd, mobile and social are united by the Web and connected to machine translation systems.

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Is the Translation Industry Ready to Collaborate on Quality Evaluation Metrics?

Industry Leaders ForumWithin the context of a 2020 convergence of the translation market where translation will be embedded, personalized, available real-time, potentially from any language into any language, and on multiple different devices, translation industry leaders descended on Clontarf Castle in Dublin in June 2013 for the TAUS Industry Leaders’ Forum to brainstorm on many topics, not least of which was translation quality metrics.

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Are Translation Industry Leaders Up to the Challenge?

Sixty translation directors and technologists – from buy and supply side, from corporations and government – came together at the Clontarf Castle Hotel in Dublin to discuss cross industry cooperation at the TAUS Industry Leaders Forum, June 10-12, 2013. This article provides a narrative account of the event. The boxed text outlines the key actions coming out of the meeting.

The discussions revolved around four areas: changing business models, translation data and Big Data, metrics for quality evaluation, standards and best practices.  And what happened? It was not exactly on the agenda, but when the meeting was concluded, the unifying meme was clear: as translation becomes a utility we begin to experience the ‘datafication of (the) translation (business)’.

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Four Crossings Before Solving The Translation Quality Evaluation Dilemma

 On March 14-15 Microsoft hosted the largest ever translation industry meeting exclusively dedicated to the topic of translation quality evaluation. Seventy-five representatives from corporate and governmental buyers and service and technology providers were drawn into lively discussions about the best ways to know a good quality translation from a bad one.

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Exploring the Intersection of Big Data and Machine Translation

Exploring the Intersection of Big Data and Machine TranslationThe words “Big Data” are two of the most interesting, and at times misunderstood, in our global digital universe. They have unique meanings and context to different governments, academics, companies, technologies, and our social experiences. The one undisputed fact, regardless of their use, is that our digital universe is expected to reach 40 Zettabytes of data by 2020 with an estimated 2.8 ZB created in 2012. That is 14% beyond previous forecasts. To put this into real-world context, 40 ZB is equal to 57 times the number of all the grains on all the beaches on the earth.

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