Terms & Policies


1. These are the general terms and conditions (“terms and conditions”) of TAUS B.V. These terms and conditions apply to the usage of the website, to TAUS subscription and to purchasing and/or using TAUS' products and services. You can download or print these Terms and Conditions for reference purposes.

2. By visiting the TAUS website, purchasing products, using our services or becoming a subscriber of TAUS, you agree to accept, be bound by and comply with these terms and conditions.

3. TAUS is located at the following address:


Oosteinde 9-11

1483 AB De Rijp

The Netherlands

TAUS is registered at the Chamber of Commerce, Register Nr. 37147141.

Any questions about these terms and conditions or complaints about the website or services of TAUS, should be addressed, in writing, to our Management Team at the following address:


Oosteinde 9-11

1483 AB De Rijp

The Netherlands

Email: info@taus.net

4. Any additional terms and conditions you may propose are rejected, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

5. TAUS reserves the right to change any of these terms and conditions at any time and without notice. TAUS therefore recommends that you review these terms and conditions from time to time, or before making a transaction.

6. These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the Netherlands. All disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions must be dealt with under the jurisdiction of the courts of the Netherlands.


General Information

7. All orders and applications must be either mailed or emailed. Orders can be paid online through PayPal, using VISA, and Eurocard/Mastercard. Orders can also be paid by bank transfer. VISA, and Eurocard/MasterCard credit cards are accepted for payments in EUR only. Bank transfer payments must include an invoice reference number or registration code reference. Bank charges must be paid by the customer.

7.1 TAUS reserves the right to request credit card guarantees from customers who require TAUS services but have not yet settled their invoice/s. Customers must agree to TAUS’s payment conditions on Credit Card Guarantee forms. TAUS will inform customers before charging the credit card.

8. Once TAUS has received your order form, you should receive confirmation of receipt by email within 24 hours (Mon-Fri). If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt from TAUS, please contact us at sales@taus.net.

9. All prices stated on the TAUS website are in EUR and include handling and delivery as applicable. All prices are excluding VAT (Value Added Tax).

10. Event registrations are exempt from VAT, providing they are held outside the Netherlands. VAT is levied at 21%, if applicable. All customers within the Netherlands will be charged VAT. Customers within the European Union will also be charged VAT, unless their company VAT number is provided. All customers outside of the European Union are exempt from VAT.

12. All payments must be made in EUR or as otherwise specified. Pre-payment is required on all data orders before they can be downloaded. All other payments should be made within 30 days of the invoice issue date.

Fees and Conditions

13. The TAUS Subscription fee is an annual fee and can be renewed each year. The rates are available on our website at www.taus.net. Dutch VAT is not payable if you provide your company VAT number or if you reside outside of the European Union. However, VAT is charged at 21% on applications originating from within The Netherlands.

14. Payments for renewal of subscription need to be made at least one week before the subscription expires. Subscribers who need to make changes in their subscription level need to inform TAUS no later than one month before their subscription expires.


15. TAUS reserves the right to alter or cancel, without prior notice, any of the arrangements relating directly or indirectly to an event, for any circumstances beyond TAUS’s reasonable control. TAUS will not accept liability for any losses and/or damages participants may suffer on account of any alteration or cancellation. Participants and guests are advised to arrange adequate travel and health insurance prior to the event.

16. You may request a refund/partial refund on a conference and /or workshop registration fee, by sending your cancellation request in writing to TAUS.

17. An administration charge of €100 is applied to all cancellations. Four weeks before: 100% refund (minus admin charge); Three weeks before: 75% refund (minus admin charge); Two weeks before: 50% refund (minus admin charge); One week before: no refund. In case of ‘force majeure’ TAUS may reschedule an event and registrants will receive a full refund minus administration charge of €100.

18. To register for a TAUS event, you must agree to TAUS' Terms and Conditions. Cancellations, No Shows and Termination. Customers must agree to the cancellation policy for the event in question.


19. TAUS offers tools and services for data in support of translation automation under the name TAUS Data. These tools and services include TAUS Data Cloud, Matching Data, Human Language Project, Data Marketplace. Use of TAUS Data is governed by the Data Marketplace Terms of Use. Users of the TAUS Data agree to the Data Marketplace Terms of Use.