Do you need data to train your language models?
TAUS has an ocean of data in hundreds of language pairs.
TAUS owns and maintains a rich language data repository, with a total of over 25 billion words, covering 600+ language pairs and domains. TAUS Data can be acquired to train your MT engines or other small or large language models. The repository is also used internally to train QE models and customize MT engines. Can’t find the data you need? Our team can collect and create data on demand as well.
Data for AI
Do you need insights into your translation quality?
The TAUS Estimate API provides automatic scores, fixing errors and so much more to help you save costs and improve your multilingual content workflows.
Moving to an MT First approach?
Save up to 70% in time-to-market by focusing post-editing efforts purely where it's needed.
Filter out the bad MT to manage the risk of errors.
Benchmark your MT engines and use only the highest quality output.
Quality Estimation
Do you want to make the most out of AI for your business?
Engage with the TAUS NLP team to discover and implement innovative AI features in your multilingual content workflows.
Our expert team of NLP & Data engineers offers tailored solutions, ranging from data generation to model customization and more. With a focus on cutting-edge NLP technologies and a commitment to delivering actionable results, we empower your organization to unlock the full potential of language understanding and communication in the digital age.
NLP Consultancy

Why Choose TAUS?

Industry thought leader since 2005
In-house NLP expertise
+7 billion words in language data

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We enable businesses to reach the highest level of efficiency and trust in global communications and customer support. We do this by offering a unique combination of NLP consulting, language data and a quality estimation software solution.


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