Wordfast Classic


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Wordfast Pro


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XTM Cloud

XTM International

XTM Cloud is a web-based TMS and CAT tool for translators, LSPs and enterprises. The comprehensive translation environment maximizes project efficiency while allowing extensive customization.
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Andrä AG

ONTRAM is a powerful and well-proven web-based Enterprise Translation Management System geared towards the optimization of translation processes within mid-sized companies and large enterprises.
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Michael Farrell

A freeware application designed to save translators time when searching the web. Pressing a shortcut key opens your browser and sends any preselected text to one or more search engines and/or online resources (including TAUS Data) together with other customizable instructions.
Posted on 06-05-2014 09:48:40 in Translation Support

Logrus Recode

Logrus International

Recode utility converts arbitrary text files from one encoding standard that is supported by Windows, into a different encoding, including ANSI, UTF8, and different versions of UNICODE including JAVA UNICODE.
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Swiss Post-Editing Score

Modulo Language Automation LLC

Fully automatic assessment of post-editors
Posted on 10-06-2015 08:39:15 in Translation Support

Across Language Server

Across Systems GmbH

The Across Language Server is one of the world's leading translation management systems. The enterprise solution unites your language resources and the competencies of internal and external users on a single platform.
Posted on 02-12-2014 09:14:20 in Translation Support

Get Localization

Get Localization Ltd

Translation platform for agile localization
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Muldrato© is an automated software solution for text translations in CAD Drawings. It streamlines your translation process, resulting in significant time and money savings. Muldrato © is a high quality translation tool for CAD Drawings in DXF / DWG format.
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