TAUS Website Localization Teams

TAUS has been working with universities all over the world to get the TAUS website localized in other languages. We currently offer a Japanese, Chinese and Spanish version of our website. On this page you can find more information about the people who've been working in the background on this localization.


In Japan we've been working together with Honyaku Center and a number of students to create the Japanese web pages. Our project leaders are Rie Miyake and Popal Daoud Akira. The volunteers are Nakazawa Mai, Shibata Ayako, Yasuko Watanabe, Salim Imee, Shizuka Ideta, Matsumi Mitsuke, Yoko Mizuno, Megumi Nishiguci, Mineko Ogura, Reiko Watanabe, Ray Miyata, Naoko Sato, Hiroki Kawano, Yudai Kishimoto, Madoka Zaizen, Mayuko Komura, Beibei He, Haruna Miyamoto.


Alex Han from the Beijing Language & Culture University has been leading the localization project in China. In April 2016 we were in Beijing for the TAUS Executive Forum and pleased to meet Alex and a number of his students who've been translating the TAUS web pages. In the picture below you see from left to right: Aileen Zhang, Lingyu Zhou, Phoebe Xie, Alex Han, Sarah Qiao, Yang Yang.

China Localization team
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Volunteers that are not pictures above are: Cindy Sun, Lydia Lu, Dora Lee, Amber Liu, Alice Liu.


For the Spanish version of the TAUS website we've been working with Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and Universitat de Vic. At the Universitat de Barcelona localization students from the degree in Translation and localization students from the Master in Tradumatica participate in this service-learning project coordinated by Olga Torres-Hostench. At the Universitat de Vic, the volunteers are Amparo Lafuente, Gabriela Díaz, Victoria Marín, Llucia Piza, Isabel Gost, Patricia Gonzaìlez and Laura Dieguez, coordinated by Marcos Cánovas and Richard Samson.


We're currently working with the University of Vienna for a German TAUS website. A German flag will be added to the top right corner in our website soon. The project manager is Vesna Lusicky. The volunteers for the German localization are: Cornelia Ebner, Jiamin Xu, Florian Kaiselgruber, Gotho Griesmeier, Karin Witte. The students are tutored by the following professors: Gerhard Budin, Xiaochun Zhang, Barbara Heinisch-Obermoser and Bartholomäus Wloka.