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Language barriers constitute a formidable obstacle to the free flow of information, products and services in an increasingly globalised economy and information society. \“Localisation\” refers to the process of adapting digital content to culture, locale and linguistic environments at high quality and speed. Localisation is a key enabling, value-adding, multiplier component of the global software and content distribution industry. Localisation seeks to overcome language barriers. The Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL) is a dynamic Academia-Industry partnership with over 100 researchers developing novel technologies addressing the key localisation challenges of volume, access and personalisation. Our objective is to produce substantial advances in the basic and applied research underpinning the design, implementation and evaluation of the blueprints for the Next Generation Localisation Factory. Our mission is to revolutionise localisation via breakthroughs in automation, composition and integration, focusing on: Integrated machine translation technology, Speech-based interfaces and more personalised speech output, Multilingual digital content management for personalised multilingual content access and delivery, Localisation workflows and system integration.


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Páraic Sheridan
David Lewis


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Dublin City University