Post-editing Course


Since its start in the 1950s, machine translation has grown exponentially.  

Still, questions abound on machine translation. How does MT differ from human translation? What, exactly, is required to produce quality machine translation? And how is this new breed of linguists—the post-editors—succeeding at translation?

The TAUS online post-editing course helps linguists meet post-editing’s real-world challenges. We begin with a comprehensive background study of machine translation. We then analyze cutting-edge post-editing principles and best practices. At the end of the course participants receive the TAUS Post-editing Certificate & Stamp.

Who takes the TAUS Post-editing course:

  • All LSP staff—from project managers to language technologists
  • Translation teachers, researchers & trainers
  • Established translators—to broaden skills
  • Students of translation

Learn to:

  • Identify benefits & challenges of machine translation
  • Work with raw machine-translation output
  • Provide standard-quality content   
  • Manage machine-translation projects effectively
  • Become a confident, commercially viable post-editor

For further questions, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Theory (in English for all participants) – 6 modules (approximately 6 hours of self-study at your own pace)  

Module 1: Machine translation: history

Module 2: Machine-translation systems

  • Rule-based machine translation
  • Statistical machine translation
  • Example-based machine translation
  • Hybrid systems

Module 3: Machine translation: performance

  • Human assessments
  • Automated metrics

Module 4: Controlled Language & Pre-editing

Module 5: Post-editing

  • Post-editing methodologies
  • Rules & principles of post-editing
  • Error typology
  • Skills & competences

Module 6: Project management for machine translation  

Practice – 2 language-specific exercises (approx. 4 hours)

Participants will be required to complete two exercises using the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework:

  • Error typology evaluation
  • Productivity measurement

Available languages

Available language pairs for the post-editing exercises are:

  • English to:

  Arabic  Chinese  Czech  Danish  Dutch  Estonian  Finnish  French  German  Greek  Hungarian  Italian  Japanese  Korean  Latin American Spanish  Latvian  Lithuanian  Norwegian  Polish  Portuguese - Brazil  Portuguese - Portugal  Romanian  Russian  Slovak  Spanish  Swedish Turkish  Ukrainian  More to follow...

  • Spanish to English
  • French to English
  • German to English

More languages are in the pipeline. Please check this page regularly. If your language is not on the list, please request it at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Prices & Packages

Course fees

Program fees include training, program materials, and 6 months access to TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework Resources. The fee stated below is excluding applicable taxes (varies on your country of residence).



(TAUS member)



1 participant



(TAUS member)



10 participants

If your group is larger than 10 participants, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The TAUS online post-editing course is a collaboration between TAUS & various LSPs.

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The TAUS Post-editing Webinar series highlights post-editing as an emerging industry phenomenon. 

We discuss best practices, available tools & post-editing methods. Each webinar has a unique language focus. Guest speakers explore the post-editing problems linked to that language.

During the webinar’s Q&A, you’re invited to ask questions—and suggest topics for future discussions.


Take a look at our FAQs. Don’t see your question? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

1. How can I register for the TAUS online post-editing course?

It’s simple. Go to the tab Prices and Packages on this page. Select Individual or Group. If you are already a TAUS member, choose Member & enjoy your course discount. Next, enter your personal info, agree to the TAUS Terms & Conditions—and you’re all set.

2. How can I access the theory part of the TAUS online post-editing course?

Log in to MY TAUS in the top menu on the TAUS website. The course can be accessed under the PE Course tab.

3. When I try to log in, I receive the following error message: “Login denied! Your account has either been blocked or you have not activated it yet”. What should I do?

This happens because you haven’t activated your account yet. After you create a TAUS account, you receive an email containing an activation link. Once you click on the link, your account is active and you can start the course. If you can’t find the email with the activation link in your Inbox, please check your spam folder.  

4. How can I access the exercises for the TAUS online post-editing course?

You will receive 2 emails containing links to each of the 2 exercises.

5. Will my work for the course be evaluated or graded?

No: every participant will receive a certificate of successful completion of the course. However, you are required to complete the two course exercises you received via email before requesting the certificate. Note that it is possible to request the results of the course exercises at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

6. My course subscription has expired / will expire soon. Can my subscription be extended?

No. The subscription is valid for 6 months upon purchase. After this period you will no longer have access to the course.

7. I signed up for free a trial membership. Am I eligible for a discount on the course?

No; you must subscribe to the full TAUS membership for course discounts & other benefits.

8. Can I do more language modules under one post-editing course?

No: each subscription is valid for one language only. But we are happy to give you a discount on your second course. To receive the discount, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

9. Can I list myself in the TAUS Post-editors Directory only after completing the TAUS post-editing course?

Actually, you can register—for free—in our Post-editors Directory at any time, no course required. Add your listing here.

10. How do I request my TAUS Post-editing Certificate?

After completing the course, go to Feedback in the theory section. You’ll find a link to the certificate-request form. You can also access the form here.  



Anna Norek, Translation Technology Specialist at Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd

“At STP we have found the online course in machine translation post-editing designed by TAUS a very informative as it tackles the challenges which our linguists have been facing when post-editing the MT assignments that come from our clients. Also, the TAUS post-editing course provides a comprehensive summary of MTPE, and gives its users the opportunity to test their post-editing skills in practice and track the time spent on post-editing, which is why all of STP’s translators and project managers, as well as some of our regular freelance translators, have completed the e-course as part of their continuing professional development.”

Jakub Absolon, CEO at

“Our company is focused on translation and post-editing in the CEE languages. We understand this is the right time to offer PEMT services to our clients and we are aware of the fact that post-editing requires special skills and competencies from post-editors. That is why we have decided to use the TAUS PEMT course. This course gives our employees both a theoretical and a practical overview about PEMT. It is not only important to have post-editors with necessary skills, but at this relatively early stage of PEMT it helps us to persuade our post-editors that there is a possibility to find a win-win strategy for PEMT processes.”

Jørn Bjørnerem, STP Senior Translator: Norwegian

“The TAUS course has informed me of the usefulness of Machine Translation and helped me readjust my thinking from revising translations for publishing to revising machine translated output in order to train an engine. At first I over-edited the content as if revising for publishing, and that was quite time-consuming. The TAUS course explained how to evaluate and edit machine translated output to train an engine without over-editing or under-editing the content.”

In-house Training

TAUS also offers in-house post-editing workshops for those companies and organizations interested in offering this training to their staff.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to discuss how we can create a customized course depending on your field of expertise and level of professional skills.