Quality Management Using DQF Course


The Quality Management Using DQF course is part of the Certification Program collaboratively run by TAUS and the Localization Institute. The course provides training on quality management with focus on the Dynamic Quality Framework, the industry’s benchmark for translation quality evaluation.

Who takes the Quality Management Using DQF course

  • Translation project managers
  • Quality managers
  • Lead translators

Learn to:

  • Understand the key issues in translation quality management
  • Distinguish between the relevant quality-management standards
  • Identify how each standard contributes to managing translation quality
  • Optimize the DQF resources to inform quality-control decision-making

Online Self-study

You will have approximately 4 hours of self-study. Some exercises give you direct access to the DQF tools. You will receive login instructions to these web-based tools during the registration process. At the end of the course, you will receive the TAUS Quality Management using DQF Certification of completion.

For further questions, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Quality Management using DQF course contains six modules:  

  1. Introduction: Translation Quality—What it is, how we affect it
  2. The Dynamic Quality Framework: Key concepts  
  3. Quality management:
    • Methodology
    • A case study
  4. Content profiling
  5. DQF online tools
  6. DQF integration into your production environment

Prices & Packages

Course fees

Program fees include training, program materials, and 10 weeks access to TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework Resources. The fees below are excluding applicable taxes (varies on your country of residence).



(TAUS member)



1 participant



(TAUS member)



10 participants

If you'd like to register a larger group, please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Quality Evaluation Webinar series is open to anyone interested in the topic.

In each webinar, translation experts in industry & academia discuss common problems related to quality evaluation. Presenters show demos, compare evaluation methods, and contrast metrics.

At the end of the presentation, you are welcome to ask questions—or suggest topics for future webinars.


Willem Stoeller, Localization Institute

Willem Stoeller has more than 24 years of experience in translation, localization & internationalization. He has held senior management positions with leading localization-service providers.

Willem is a Certified Project Management Professional & member of the Project Management Institute. He is a former board member of that organization’s Silicon Valley & Portland chapters. An experienced speaker, Willem has presented at Localization World & LISA, among other industry events. His articles have appeared in publications like Multilingual Computing & CSN; two recent books on localization contain his contributions.

Willem founded & teaches the Localization Project Management certification program, which is offered by the Localization Institute. He is also created—and actively teaches—the Quality Management in Translation certification program, offered by the Localization Institute in collaboration with TAUS.

Currently, Willem is the TAUS Representative for the West Coast of the U.S.


Pavel Doronin, Localization Specialist @ Doctor Web, Ltd

“I took the TAUS Quality Management course to organize my thoughts on the matter of translation quality. The QM course gave me a clear vision of what quality of translation is and how it can be measured. This knowledge will be extremely helpful when I need to deal with issues related to translation quality in my everyday professional life.”

Ossama Nabil, Lead linguist and Translation Quality Manager, ES Localization Services Jsc

"I found this course very insightful. It offers the building blocks of a top-notch quality system, starting from the different perspectives of quality, through international quality standards, various dynamic metrics and real-life case studies. It further provides a key part on how to tackle MT post-editing quality challenges, which was a huge plus. I highly recommend it to any translation professional who's serious about building or leveraging a state-of-the-art quality system."

Jakub Absolo, CEO at ASAP Translation

"Recently I have passed TAUS Dynamic QualityFramework certification program and I found it very helpful for all managersresponsible for process in LSP companies. As most of LSPs we, inASAP-translation.com, have been using EN15038 as a base for quality assuranceof our products. However to fulfil all needs and expectation of our clients"One world is not enough". We provide wide range of services to ourclients from technical translation through sworn translation, transcreation,...to PEMT. So it is vital to react dynamically to tailor solutions whichaccomplish clients needs for quality, delivery time and price. One more timeTAUS proves its role of one of the major knowledge base for translationindustry insiders."


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{slider 1. How can I register for the TAUS Quality Management Using DQF course?}

Simply go to the tab Prices and Packages on this page and select Individual or Group. (Keep in mind that TAUS members enjoy a discount on all courses.) Enter your personal info, agree to the TAUS Terms & Conditions—and you’re ready to start.

{slider 2. How can I access the TAUS Quality Management Using DQF course?}

First, log in under MY TAUS at the top menu on the TAUS website. You can access the course via the DQF Course tab.

3. When I try to log in, I receive the following error message: “Login denied! Your account has either been blocked or you have not activated it yet”. What should I do?

This happens because you haven’t activated your account yet. After you create a TAUS account, you receive an email containing an activation link. Once you click on the link, your account is active and you can start the course. If you can’t find the email with the activation link in your Inbox, please check your spam folder.  

4. Will I receive an evaluation of my exercises?

No, but you will receive a certificate of successful completion of the course.

5. My course subscription has expired / will expire soon. Can I extend my subscription?

Yes. The subscription is valid for 10 weeks upon purchase, but we understand that you may need more time. If so, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

6. I’ve signed up for a free trial membership. Am I eligible for a discount on the course?

No, only full TAUS members receive discounts.

7. How can I request my TAUS Quality Management Certification?

Upon completion of the course, please fill in the request form.